Are we moving towards an On-demand IT economy?

Most of what I learnt over 16 years in the technology industry seems useless now. We were told that client-server computing was the be-all and end-all and that no one would buy dumb terminals anymore. All the magic was supposed to happen at the PC and the servers they connected to. Distributed architecture they called […]

Storage Infrastructure is important to keep in mind!

Infrastructure AUP IT recently worked with a customer that is expanding their business quickly. The growth within the business caused major problems. The storage capacity at that time was too small to match their needs. They couldn’t add more users or virtual servers to their infrastructure. The customer was forced to expand the Storage Infrastructure […]

Business Intelligence features SharePoint

SharePoint Microsoft has made a huge push towards Business Intelligence or BI. Sharepoint provides a Business Intelligence service that enables your organization to centrally store and manage data. It provides users with tools that allow them to run reports and perform BI actions as needed at any time, without the need for IT’s intervention. AUP […]

How you can save money on your Software Licenses!

Software asset management AUP IT worked with a large financial services company who had major issues with the management and maintenance of their software licensing. The company made a lot of acquisitions in the last three years and also merged with a couple of foreign entities. This meant that there was chaotic because they had […]