We offer professional IT services, such as:

  • Consulting. As your professional IT service provider, AUP IT takes a holistic approach to your IT needs. We evaluate your business requirements from the ground up and identify your current and future business goals. We then integrate your IT to help you better achieve these goals while saving money.
  • Storage & Virtualization. If you’ve recently switched to a virtualized environment or re-evaluated your storage requirements, let AUP IT professional consultants provide you with a better way to implement, use and operate these virtualization technologies and servers, for scalability, productivity and efficiency.
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery. AUP IT examines your business needs from every angle to implement and then monitor your chosen backup service to keep you up and running no matter what. If the worse happens, our disaster recovery solutions get you back up and running quickly.
  • SharePoint. Our IT solutions can help you achieve true collaboration by implementing customer portal software, like SharePoint, for better workflow management, reducing data and storage requirements.
  • Support & Maintenance Agreements. AUP IT’s support not only provides you with software and hardware to suit your business needs, we also provide support agreements, meaning your new IT services, software or hardware is managed for you.
  • IT Project Management. No matter whether the projects are large or small, one-offs or ongoing, AUP IT ensures successful IT project delivery every time.

The benefits of IT support services include:

  • giving you proactive control over your IT assets, service needs, compliances and upgrades.
  • reducing the complexity of IT infrastructure, paving the way for scalability, consolidation and better return on investment.
  • reducing your data and hard copy storage requirements and speeding up access to your operating information.
  • optimizing the performance of your hardware and software, so you can concentrate on other more important aspects of your business.
  • giving you the ability to operate even in the event of IT issues or failure, for no forced downtime.

AUP IT understands there is no ‘cookie cutter’ solution to IT, as no two businesses operate in the same way. So we design unique and effective IT solutions on time and within budget with no unnecessary elements. Honest and upfront, AUP IT is dedicated to finding the right IT solution for your corporation.

AUP IT is your trusted IT advisor. We have more than a decade`s experience in IT solutions to help corporations and government departments to achieve a better bottom line.

By optimising IT products and services, IT support bring many benefits, including:

  • streamlined business operations leading to a competitive advantage.
  • complementing existing IT departments with extensive expertise in diverse areas.
  • more efficient and flexible IT and therefore business operations.
  • outsourcing IT services free up your staff to work on more important operations.
  • IT support agreements lead to greater efficiency and reduced costs for a better bottom line.
  • securing a leading IT services provider, such as AUP IT, provides for better business continuity and business security.

AUP IT is a natural extension of your corporation. AUP IT’s corporate IT solutions are holistic, meaning we manage everything from the purchase of software and hardware, to implementing those solutions and then managing your IT like an in-house IT team.

AUP IT offers an array of packaged IT solutions to rationalise, protect and optimise a corporations’ entire IT infrastructure, from software to hardware, servers and data centres, mobile devices and remote workstations.

AUP IT knows that reliable, cost-efficient and easy to maintain IT systems can be the difference between a successful corporation and an unproductive one. So for professional, IT support services and beyond, look no further than the IT services provider.