Modern corporations ask a lot of their IT and IT departments. IT needs to be simple, easy to use, reliable and flexible, all while being cost  effective,  offering  business  scalability, and facilitating rapid business growth.

Patching up or upgrading your IT independently as you go simply doesn’t do the job and can actually cost more money in the long term due to lost productivity, failure and unnecessary applications.

As your professional IT service provider, AUP IT takes a professional approach to your IT needs, evaluating your business requirements from the ground up, designing an IT roadmap for your corporation as it moves forward.

AUP IT’s IT service desk not only takes a strategic approach to IT, implementing solutions to improve your IT across your entire corporation, but we facilitate better business operation in general via significantly improved IT performance.

There are a number of ways our IT and network services can be beneficial to corporations, the following are just a few examples:

AUP IT’s IT services can help with business innovation by:

  • finding new solutions to old problems using a fresh pair of eyes. New solutions can not only fix IT issues now, but also future-proof your IT facilitating improved business performance, rationalising operations, improving communications, aiding innovation and increasing market share.

AUP IT can help with IT strategy by:

  • prioritising your IT within business units and operating strategies, to ensure you are getting the right resources in the right place at the right time, as well as aiding mobile computing.
  • managing and servicing the right IT software, hardware, security, storage and more for your business requirements, both now and during future growth.
  • ensuring your IT infrastructure supports virtualization and the move to cloud computing without downtime, risk or unexpected expense.

AUP IT can help reduce costs by:

  • optimising your IT, to make the most of your existing infrastructure, designing a way forward for your corporation to improve services, improve scalability, increase flexibility and to, therefore, give you a competitive edge.

AUP IT can help with enterprise architecture by:

  • providing corporations with a complete and comprehensive roadmap of all IT and communication needs, so a corporation can expand, integrate, move to cloud computing or virtualization following a clear strategy.
  • designing the ‘engine room’ of your office to improve hardware and software lifespan, efficiency, speed and power.

AUP IT can help with business technology by:

  • identifying, implementing and rationalising existing business technology with your future needs, to enhance your competitive edge and return on investment, scalability, and to reduce risk.
  • ensuring you don’t purchase any software or hardware that is not necessary and aligned with your future needs, recommending improvements and providing a plan for your IT future.

As you can see, IT services and software management and consulting can significantly streamline operations, reduce costs and reduce the amount of unproductive time your staff currently spend on managing IT issues.