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Imagine being able to work in an environment where every single person in the business could keep up to date with everyday activities, make informed decisions at the click of a button and manage multiple projects without blowing your budget?

SharePoint has a great deal of benefits that can benefit any organization however; all of SharePoint’s capabilities can essentially be distilled down to the following:

  • It helps with your organization-wide objective to share information, increase business performance in order to gain a competitive edge
  • Enhances communication
  • Improves efficiencies
  • Sharing of lessons learnt
  • Integration and continuous improvement across all internal departments and;
  • Shares insights and experiences (Real Collaboration) as embodied in individuals and within practices and processes

SharePoint can help solve the following problems

  • Inconsistent and unstructured approach to information management
  • Difficulty in finding key information required to answer an enquiry in a timely manner
  • Lack of knowledge sharing between related business units
  • Ineffective dissemination of corporate information
  • Poor perception by staff of communication across the business
  • Inconsistency in advice given by staff
  • Over reliance on long-service members of staff as sources of knowledge
  • Current knowledge management systems are inadequately integrated and do not support organizational needs
  • Increased volume of helpdesk calls, complaints
  • Lengthy training time from recruitment to competency

 Some of the benefits of implementing SharePoint

  • Providing clear and consistent information to all staff irrespective of their geographical location
  • Improving document and records management
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer
  • Capturing staff knowledge in a documented form
  • Improving policies and procedures
  • Reducing training time
  • Improving productivity by reducing the learning curve from training to competency
  • Implementing team collaboration tools and processes
  • Reducing the volume of support calls
  • Formalising accountability for accuracy of information within the business units through the setup of business unit KPI’s aligned to maintenance and accuracy of their information
  • Reducing the number of outbound calls/letters and emails which are required where a staff member has been unable to access the up to date accurate information thus improving both productivity and customer satisfaction
  • Enabling and supporting multi skilling strategy
  • Improved Employee Engagement
  • Continuous feedback process

It’s all about synergy…

SharePoint is the most popular software in existence for creating corporate intranets, in face research shows that approximately 50% of all intranets are now being developed using SharePoint and it is utilised by 78% of the Fortune 500 companies.


Information location poses as a major time consumer for most businesses. Most users store their documents on their hard drive or the company network. Searching for a company document created by somebody else therefore can take up a considerable amount of time.

Collaboration becomes a major issue because documents must be constantly forwarded. Unstructured workflow processes become the norm.

Collectively, the Fortune 500 companies lose an average of $12 Billion per year to insufficient document management structure (Gartner, US) and what’s more, knowledge workers are spending a whopping 25% of their time searching for information (IDC/Accenture).

The Solution

These issues can be avoided with the right document management platform. Document and digital assets can be stored in an easy to locate shared depository. Structured workflows can be automated by SharePoint, freeing up employees time substantially. Collaboration becomes the new norm.

SharePoint Benefits: What can it do for my organisation?

  • Share information easily in order to increase business processes.
  • Enhance communication from a companywide perspective.
  • Improve efficiencies by sharing lessons learnt from your old way of working…
  • Integrate and continuously improve all internal departments.
  • Share insights and experience through a new collaborative way of working.
  • Create amazing content, intranet portals, document and file management, social networks, a company Wikipedia, enterprise search and real-time document sharing.
  • Integrate it into any other business system.
  • Automate business processes such as document approval.

Share, Organise and Discover with SharePoint

  • Social network features which allow you to post activity updates, share ideas, check what your colleagues are working on and get quick answers to your questions, even from your smartphone!
  • Arrange all projects and tasks by displaying deliverables on outlook, SharePoint and MS Project.
  • Set up a team site and gather all colleagues’ emails, documents and meeting notes into one place.
  • Connect the team by posting past projects, interests and published documents.
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