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Importance of cyber security in protecting intellectual capital and securing an organisations future

Intellectual capital is a very strategic asset and it is further becoming widely accepted as a major organizational strategic asset capable of generating sustainable advantage and superior financial...
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CIO as a Service

Technology has greatly changed and grown over the years and so has the role of the chief information officer (CIO). Many companies don’t understand how technology can contribute to business growth and the CIO’s role is to develop IT strategies...
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Cybersecurity is an important topic for all business. There has been so much news lately about banks, corporates and government institutions getting hacked and their information is stolen or encrypted by hackers. What a lot...
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St Catherine School

AUP IT support girls and women in STEM studies and endorse the participation of women in these industries. We sponsored the St Catherine’s Girls School in the FIRST Robotics, South Pacific Regional competition held at Sydney Olympic Park...
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