Business Intelligence features SharePoint

Microsoft has made a huge push towards Business Intelligence or BI. Sharepoint provides a Business Intelligence service that enables your organization to centrally store and manage data. It provides users with tools that allow them to run reports and perform BI actions as needed at any time, without the need for IT’s intervention.

AUP IT recently engaged with a client who were facing a few problems with SharePoint. The issue was lying in the spreadsheets being too big. This was causing issues with the accessibility of documents. Beside the fact that the staff couldn’t access the documents the client was facing problems with the connectivity to the database.

The project was divided into two phases. First our Sharepoint specialist started with onsite analyses on how everything was put together. The analysis showed that there were some backend issues. Phase two included providing advice on how to improve their SharePoint usage to be able to use Business Intelligence.

After resolving the backend issues the business had full access to all the documents and were able to analyze data and present actionable information that will help them make more informed and better business decisions.

Due to AUP IT’s advice, the company was able to solve long-standing problems and also has a clear view of how to fix problems as and when they arise. By providing training the client has optimized their SharePoint usage that eventually results in great outcomes.