How you can save money on your Software Licenses!

AUP IT worked with a large financial services company who had major issues with the management and maintenance of their software licensing. The company made a lot of acquisitions in the last three years and also merged with a couple of foreign entities.

This meant that there was chaotic because they had multiple agreements across the board with different pricing levels for product groups and no one in charge of standardizing their software assets. They realised that this was a big problem when they were putting their budget together for their new financial year. They realised that they were over licenced in some areas and had massive shortages in other areas.

AUP IT was engaged as a specialist software asset management consultancy to get their house in order. Our SAM specialist, Lubica Mesiarkinova, sat down with the key stakeholders to clearly understand the problems and the key priorities that the business was looking for in the short term.

Lubica worked with our SAM team to analyse their license footprint after which she connected with the software publishers to understand the purchase history of the customer. The AUP IT SAM team went through an extensive reconciliation process and used their expert understanding of the licensing programmes of Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and other Software publishers to help the client get a true picture of their licensing portfolio and the areas that needed fixing. Our team then used specialist knowledge to come up with the right volume license agreements for new purchases. This client then saved over 1.4 million dollars through this exercise. Call us now to find out how you can save money on your software licenses.