Storage Infrastructure is important to keep in mind!

AUP IT recently worked with a customer that is expanding their business quickly. The growth within the business caused major problems. The storage capacity at that time was too small to match their needs. They couldn’t add more users or virtual servers to their infrastructure. The customer was forced to expand the Storage Infrastructure to eventually be able to match their needs.

AUP IT was engaged as a Storage Infrastructure specialist to improve their internal infrastructure. Firstly our AUP IT Storage specialist, Karthik Bharadwaj, went to the clients’ site to audit their current storage infrastructure and understand their requirements. After the analysis our specialist was able to create a solution that matches their growing needs as well as the budget.

After analysing the total infrastructure and creating the solution the client agreed to the project. The first stage of the project started off with creating a high level design of the infrastructure. This document includes all the infrastructure pieces, storage equipment for example storage appliance and network devices and a high level diagram of how the infrastructure is connected. The low level design, created in a later stage included more details on how devices are connected to each other and to the existing network, for example port numbers, cable type etc.

Stage two included the actual implementation of the newly designed infrastructure. This involved installing the equipment onto the correct rack followed by interconnecting them as it was designed in the high level and the low level design documents. This was followed by configuring the devices with the correct details from low level design for example IP addresses. Once the testing was done this newly built infrastructure was connected to the existing infrastructure.

This enabled the clients business to expand their storage capacity and made growth possible, without spending too much on buying new software and hardware.