Improve your business by leveraging your data. Future-proof your infrastructure to deal with changing demands. Innovate your IT systems to speed up growth and gain market share.
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Your success is our success.
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Here’s what we bring to the table.


Over-the-top results
Independent, vendor-agnostic consultants with proven service delivery experience. All we care about are results.


Proven solutions
Expertise in diverse domains and cross-reference this experience. We use it to come up with new solutions to old problems.


Growth everywhere
Hands-on experience in implementing IT solutions that result in measurable growth and impact on business processes

It’s time to leverage IT and gain a
competitive edge for your business

Is your company growing but your IT infrastructure couldn’t catch up?

Your company’s productivity, efficiency and growth are directly affected by the quality of your IT function.

The question is: Is your IT helping or impeding your growth?

The importance of Cybersecurity

Raja Pradeep
Orange City Council reduced hardware infrastructure by 63% and increased employee engagement by 90% using our solutions!
Reduced hardware infrastructure
Increase employee engagement
Orange City Council reduced hardware infrastructure by 63% and increased employee engagement by 90% using our solutions!
Reduced hardware infrastructure
Increase employee engagement

Our services

AUP Strategy

It is almost as if business owners have buried their heads in the sand and want to pretend that we don’t live in a VUCA world.

What is VUCA you may ask? VUCA stands for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous, which is the current state of play.

You need a business strategy that will help you navigate the quicksands of this VUCA world. No business strategy worth its salt can choose to ignore digital transformation which is a prerequisite to gain competitive advantage and retain it.

AUP IT can help you make sense of this complexity and put in place practical solutions that will allow you to build on your success.

AUP Secure

How secure is your business? Do you have the assets to combat cybercrime, loss of IP, and other digital risks that plague businesses today?

AUP Secure is AUP IT’s premier cybersecurity as a service offering that provides the protection that your company needs.

We protect your systems at the network layer while guarding your data from hackers and other malicious programs. Now you can continue your growth without any worry.

AUP Support

Want us to help your company with everything related to IT? Then, AUP Support is the perfect service for you.

Let us be your de facto IT department. And we’ll run your IT function like a well-oiled machine to help you in achieving your business goals.

Premium doesn’t mean expensive. Because you’ll get our top quality services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time tech in-house.


Here’s what our clients are saying

“We work with enterprise clients that we get the security and the compliance needs in order. This means that working with a supplier or a partner like AUP IT means that they can help us to achieve our short-term goals while ensuring that we stay on track for our long term vision.”

Tash Tan

“AUP IT have maintained our SQL infrastructure for the past 3 years as a managed support service provider. They are a reliable and experienced extension to our internal team and deliver quality support and consulting services.”

Rathika Suresh
Director of ICT Services
St Catherine’s Girls School

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MSA Safety Improved Their IT Efficiency by 300% by Revamping Their Entire Network Infrastructure

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