More CIOs and CEOs are turning to automation technology to streamline their enterprise operations. These operations include both front-office and back-office.

This technology will help reduce costs and uplift risk and controls as well as improving efficiency, processing times and error rates.

Leveraging AUP IT’s Automation experience enables you to grow your business significantly without increasing headcount. With our ‘intelligent automation’ solution there is no need to change any part of your existing business processes, systems or applications – robots emulate what the humans do and become your additional ‘intelligent digital workforce’.

The goal of the ‘digital workforce’ is to minimise human intervention to effectively execute business processes 24/7, 365 days with minimal downtime.


Having completed numerous projects, we bring to bear practical automation experience gained in the trenches to assist our clients solve the most complex issues that face their business in a VUCA world. Our consultants diagnose the inefficiencies and risks in processes, optimise them and get them automation ready.



Robotic Process Automation

Increasingly businesses are turning to Intelligent Automation (IA) to find efficiencies, free up capacity and invent clever ways of doing more with less. Working with industry leading partners in RPA, AI, and Process Mining we help clients build a solid business case for automation.


Benefits of automating a process within a business unit extend beyond just ROI. Companies can free up staff capacity, pair staff with bots to free up time for creative work, sell more, do faster delivery and dominate their market segment.

Process Mining & Discovery

We help business units identify processes that lend themselves to automation and work out the ROI for these processes. Picking high impact areas within the business and quickly scaling automation projects are the keys to success for RPA

It does not make sense to automate a broken process. Before embarking on an RPA project we work with your stakeholders to re-engineer and optimise existing processes. Our experienced experts help you build a vision of what your enterprise should look like post transformation.
Centre of Excellence (COE)
After automating the initial tranche of processes we identify citizen developers and process champions within your business and build a intra company COE. The core mandate of the COE will be to constantly find opportunities for automation, whether it be in the back office or in sales and marketing, and build out rapid bot deployments based on the knowledge gained during the initial pilot.

Our Clients Say

“AUP IT’s CIO was incredible with the insights on how we could improve the performance of our systems with just a few tweaks and not have to make wholesale changes. The commercial acumen and ROI based approach really helped us make the right decision. ”

–CEO, Global Manufacturing Company

A Partner You Can Trust


Our strategy is to meet your business goals and expectations, including budget. We provide full transparency with no hidden fees or surprise costs built into the strategy.

We know it’s important to know you can work with and trust a business partner. It’s important to us too. So we offer a free 30 minute consultation to identify that we are the right fit for you.
We don’t do cookie cutter – we take the time to know and understand you to ensure that the service you receive is going to deliver results for your business.


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