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Dark Web, what it means for your business

The last decade has been rife with incidents of data theft and security breaches that have compromised millions of individuals and businesses. More than 63% of confirmed data breaches are due to weak, default or stolen passwords.

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Can you plan for a disaster?

Late last year, reports started circulating about people in China becoming infected with pneumonia. Officials said they were monitoring to prevent it being spread and developing into something more severe.

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Held to ransom

Ransomware encrypts folders and files, rendering them inaccessible. Criminals demand a ransom in return for the decryption keys and even an additional fee to prevent public release of the stolen data. It disrupts business and cause reputation damage to organisations. Review your security policies and strengthen security posture periodically to keep you away from malicious attacks.

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What can a CIO do for your business?

CIOs understand business drives and importantly, they know how to use technology as a lever to business growth. Our CIO will support the transformation of your business using a strategy first, technology second approach.

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How to deliver a compelling ROI through automation

In the world of RPA, every project should start with clearly defined objectives and execution plan. Delivering to these objectives begins with defining the expected high-level outcomes before a program or project is approved. This is where benefits management can...

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