Penetration Testing

Pen testing is a security practice whereby a cyber security expert attempts to find and exploit as many vulnerabilities in an environment. The purpose of such an exercise is to identify weak spots that an actual attacker could take advantage of, and gain valuable insights on how to improve and protect the environment being tested.

Reduce your risk with our active cyber defence services. Expert penetration testing, red teaming and social engineering. Plus, architecture audits, configuration reviews and systems management.

Security basics
internal pen testing

We identify vulnerabilities placing your organisation at risk, including those that may compromise your domain, allow for the breach of personal information or affect the availability of systems and services.

Cyber Security
Application Pen Testing

We use a comprehensive testing methodology to identify security vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top 10, as well as security vulnerabilities that are specific to the targeted application.

Security Bio
Wireless Pen Testing

We examine your authentication system and network access points to ensure that unauthorised access is prevented and that access points are securely configured against attacks.

Phishing and Vishing Campaigns

These are social engineering tests designed to assess employees’ levels of security awareness. Our testers identify staff members that cause increased security risk by sending out targeted phishing emails or phone calls.


Physical Pen Testing

The purpose of this test is to replicate a real-world, physical attack as closely as possible. We conduct reconnaissance, infiltration, visual compromise, technological compromise and exfiltration.

Other Testing Services

We conduct other services, such as AWS and Azure configuration reviews, Windows Standard Operating Environment (SOE) audits, Citrix Virtual Applications and Desktop Penetration Testing and more.

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